"The only constant is change". We, at DotSlash welcome change. The internet is an ever evolving place, and those fail to keep up, will be left behind the competition. We design and execute with change in mind.

Fast solutions

We know, that the key to beating the competition is to beat them to the market. With our agile approach to software development we can help you get your ideas out in the world, faster than others.


Our advanced integration & deployment pipeline allows our team to use their time on what matters: working software and customer satisfaction.

Scale your app

Our group has accumulated industry standard experience in blockchain architecture. Leverage the power of the global super-computer that is the Ethereum EVM today, and enhance your application to scale endlessly.

Any app on any device

With years of experience in Embedded Systems Development, our engineers can make your application run on anything, as long as it has a chip inside.

Trendy websites for modern success

Online presence in the 2020s is indispensable, even for small businesses. DotSlash knows its way around the newest web technologies and trends. Let us help you kickstart your business idea by creating a fancy website for it!

Simplification of workflows

Simplify the management of your work processes with a modern, easy-to-use content management system. We can develop complex, customised solutions that fit your exact needs.

Full development

We develop, we scale, we maintain. We handle your application's entire lifecycle, from inception, to mass-adoption. You have an idea for a new feature? No problem, we write code with future changes in mind.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Optimize your search engine visibility, to drive attention to your website (and away from competitors). We develop website with SEO in mind, but we can help improve your existing infrastructure as well.